Townshippers’ Day 1979-2016

Since its founding meeting in 1979, Townshippers’ Association has organized an autumn festival that brings current, former and temporary members of the English-speaking community of Quebec’s Eastern Townships together called “Townshippers’ Day”. English-speakers of all linguistic backgrounds, as well as those who would like to learn more about their community and culture, connect with each other over a family friendly day full of delicious food, entertaining performances, a showcase of information and fun activities.

This annual event has grown leaps and bounds and, with the event taking place in a different sector of the region each year, it has touched nearly every corner of the Townships.

In a region that matches the size of Belgium, Townshippers’ Day has been fortunate to have been hosted in some of the most amazing communities.


Enjoy our sideshow featuring past Townshippers’ Days.

Townshippers's Past T-Days album on Photobucket

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