Host T-Day In Your Town!

Want to host a Townshippers’ Day in your community?

T-Day 2005 food 1Townshippers’ Day is a celebration of the creativity and vitality of the Eastern Townships English-speaking community. It is also a key vehicle to showcase a different town or city, giving each T-Day its own unique feel.

The festival attracts more than 2,000 participants and is held annually in September in the historical Eastern Townships. This one-day event features activities, artisans, entertainment, food, exhibitors and a host of community organizations.

Townshippers’ Association co-hosts T-Day in conjunction with a local organizing committee, to support a festival in your community.

Want to host Townshippers’ Day? Contact Townshippers’ Association at 819-566-5717 (toll free 1-866-566-5717) or email, and we’ll show you how you could make it happen!

Support T-Day

Thank you for supporting Townshippers' Day with your donation! T-Day is a non-profit family-friendly event organized by a community organization and administered by a volunteer committee.